Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning
MUCH better than the first. After Darkfever, I was happy just waiting to for the next book to arrive, knowing I had several other books waiting to be read at home. Fortunately (or Unfortunately???), I became Pri-ya for these books after Bloodfever. Seriously. You'd think that a Seelie Prince himself were embedded in the pages. Och, I'm so addicted. The best thing about this book was that writing has greatly improved, things that were annoying about Mac in Darkfever sort of settles down (her 'barbie' style, her immaturity, the use of her inner dialogue describing 'grown-ups'). I was able to actually 'see' more of Dublin this time around, the writing improved significantly around her descriptions and the time she spends creating the backdrop. Karen Marie Moning is a MASTER at baiting her audience. She drops the hopper in front of us long enough and playfully enough that we are worked up into a frenzy. Bravo!