Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
I am so pleased with every book in KMM's Highlander series - and am in love with all things MacKeltar. Having already read her Fever series prior to this, I was...surprised by the ending of this book. I'm not sure if, when writing the Highlanders/MacKeltars, that she intended to take her story in a different direction than where the Fever series goes, but it seems like it. I have read that each series is independent of eachother, but there are so many similarities that, really, if you liked one I think you'd like the other. Spell of the Highlander brings us another MacKeltar alpha male, Cian, from another century into the 21st. It is so refreshing to read how each MacKeltar is different, but still unbeleivably attractive in their own right. My only gripe is that though each of KMM's heroine's are smart, witty and real (no leggy supermodels here!!), sometimes I wish they'd be a little more gritty. I suppose I shouldn't gripe because I got all that grittiness in MacKayla Lane (Fever Series), and in truth she is writing about woman who are mates to centuries old men who value woman for being 'theirs', but still, it bugged me a bit. With that said, I was sad that this was the last available Highlander book...I'm not sure how many I'd have to read before I got sick of them but 7 is not the answer for sure!