Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich
I liked Fearless Fourteen - and I'm happy to say that because I *almost* didn't read it since I wasn't a huge fan of Lean Mean Thirteen and this book had some horrible reviews. I understand the desire to have Steph choose Ranger/Morelli already, but I thought the triangle was handled wonderfully in this book! JE kept Ranger in the distant background, limiting their flirting and interaction and therefore limiting Stephanie's guilt and constant love tension. Although I've been leaning toward Ranger in the last couple of books myself, I was not disappointed by the comfy, loving relationship that she and Joe shares throughout fourteen. It was nice not to have the bickering aspect of their relationship be front and center. The only thing that really kept this from the 4 star catagory for me was "The Brenda". I found her story to be disjointed at best, and rather forced. She didn't add any comedy and I was confused most the time as to why she was reporting news. I think at the end it was discussed that she needed money, but really, her character starts in one direction and finishes in the other. Strange.