The Duke Is Mine (Happily Ever Afters, #3) - Eloisa James
I'm not as despairing as other readers for this volume. I enjoyed it over all, probably as much as [b:A Kiss at Midnight|6957682|A Kiss at Midnight (Fairy Tales, #1)|Eloisa James||7193900] and never once thought of putting it on my DNF shelf. My opinion is that not all characters have to behave perfectly at all times. I rather enjoy character growth. It keeps me interested. There were times when the attitudes of both our heroine, Olivia, and her sister, Georgiana, were annoying and selfish. To me, however, they seemed appropriate and I enjoyed them nonetheless. I also was quite proud of Olivia in several points and thought both her and Georgiana made convincing and likeable sisters and provided quite a relatable experience as we glimpse their sort-of 'coming-of-age' journey. My one complaint is that I didn't really ever connect myself with, oh gosh, what's his name? Lord Sconce...Quin, Tarquin, that’s it! Yes, so obviously, he didn’t really impress me. He seemed a bit cookie cutter, sad things happen to sad guy who doesn’t believe in love anymore after very sad past. Yaaaawwwwn. Overall, [b:The Duke is Mine|9521508|The Duke Is Mine (Fairy Tales, #3)|Eloisa James||14407475] is heavier than her last couple I've read in terms of unhappy events and that brought my whole enjoyment of it down a bit.This is a strange thing to say really, but I wish for a Duke of Canterwick story. I long to have a better resolution for him even though he probably doesn't deserve anything different given his actions. I just like to visit Romancelandia so much, where the most absurd things happen, i.e. everyone gets their happily ever after, that I feel like good story could be hashed out of his tragedy.In other news, a fun listing of all the words that I've not seen previously that seemed to run rampant in this book. Thank goodness my Kindle has that handy dictionary tool...seriously...insalubriousmendaciouslysagaciousaphorismquadruped (Though I admit to making an educated guess there, it's just not in a form that I've seen before!)embonpointassiduouslyI am very grateful that Ms. James uses these words in contexts in which I could ascertain somewhat closely what they meant (sort-of) without a dictionary. It's a big pet-peeve of mine with authors use 'big-words' without any context and you're either wildly guessing or googling on the side.