Laird of the Mist (MacGregors, #1) - Paula Quinn
Beheading, branding and barbarians galore. And not in a totally good way either. Many highlander/scottish historical romances I've read tend to be a little 'soft' in terms of battles, death and brutality. This book was certainly an exception to that rule. Towards the end, the deaths of clansman were mentioned as one would note the weather. "The rain was gray and 3 more men fell off the cliff to their deaths", or "It was an uncharacteristically sunny day when the McKinnons slaughtered 19 of the men". It wasn't graphic, it was just flippant. Probably of all the characters, Robert and Graham piqued my interest the most, which is unfortunate since they're minor in this book. I didn't care one way or the other for Callum or Katie. Callum was tortured as a child for cripes sake and I was still bored. It took a long time for them to really get going too...nearly 43% of the book was traveling to Callum's keep with very minimal interaction between Hero and heroine. I will say that a very enjoyable part of this book for me was reading the thick brogue. I think sometimes authors shy away a little from really writing the brogue phonetically, so the effect suffers a bit. I found myself reciting Callum's dialogue aloud for the fun of it many times. Very fluffy. Nothing to really sink your teeth into, very basic plot and simple story telling.