Teaching Melody - Emma Clark
I can't classify this work as a book, novella or short story. It's more like a writing experiment. Let me preface this review by saying that I purchased this as a complete lark. I think I ran across the title on first-reads and thought "Oh, it's only .99, I'll give it a go". I was intrigued by the age difference in the characters - that always interests me as my husband and I are 17 years apart in age, which is somewhat rare. Under different circumstances, say, I 'd been given the book rather than spending my money on it, I wouldn't rate or review this at all. I would literally have kept my thoughts to myself. After much thought though, I did spend money, which means the authoress has presented her work to the public (with a charge) to criticize or applaud accordingly. To say that an editor is needed is just, well, asinine. What really is needed is beta readers, which there was a clear lack of. If that had been the case, several things would have been pointed out:1.) Characters needed more development. Even in short stories and novellas, character development matters so that the reader understands what motivates them to do xyz. 2.) Story development. Many other reviewers noted the abrupt ending. It was really as if there was a case of writers fatigue and instead of just taking a lunch break, the author typed a couple closing paragraphs and said "Okay, done! Phew". 3.) Writing style is too simplistic. Purple prose is not needed, but an elevated prose is needed to sell work. Then there are personal preferences. I, for one, found Melody's relationship to Preston to be on the ick side. There was no proof of a relationship beyond a parent-child dynamic. To pretty much each his own on that one though. Overall, I wish I saved my dollar. I wish Emma Clark the best of luck in her endeavor, however, as it takes a good amount of courage to do what she's done. I applaud her for that.