Lord of Danger - Anne Stuart

 Anne Stuart writes dark heroes. Not just tormented heroes, but the type of guy who has some legit moral issues. This makes her romances pretty interesting; you never know who you agree with or if you should be agreeing with them. I read her for this reason. Every once in a while it's good to shake things up.

Simon of Navarre does not fail at this - he's the perfect example of a villain you love rather than hate. He's not innately good, he's quite jaded and is far from chivalrous.

His impending nuptials with Lady Alys of Something or Another (I don't even care enough to go back and look) is the event that kicks this book off. He's bad, she's good. Her effed up brother is forcing the marriage for laughs.

The book is a complete mess. Literally because the formatting to e-book was the worst experience ever and figuratively because, well...

I was very disappointed that women were painted helpless and stupid. Even down to the narration. I found the PoV of Simon and Thomas to be the only intelligent exposition. Both Alys and Claire were both shallow characters. In fact, Alys was so weak that this one line says it all:

"If Claire was safe, she no longer cared what happened to her."

Okay, if you don't care lady, why should I?

I didn't really. Blah.


A 90's romance w/ a dark hero...I'm intrigued.

.99 Kindle buy.