Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas

Listen, I don't know if I can write anything about this book (even if these silly reviews are for my own personal amusement) because what I really wanted to do after reading this book was go drown my sorrow in a good bottle of wine. Or maybe just take the faster route and drown it in a good bottle of vodka.


And no, I don't want to drink myself under the table because the book was bad. I want to forget how achingly sad and sweet it literally made me hurt, and CRY for cripe sakes. I just do not enjoy books that make me cry. That is, I never intentionally read them if I know they're trying to evoke great rivulets of tears. So, I was dismayed that not 12 pages in I was already holding my aching heart.


I felt like this book read like historical fiction rather than your typical historical romance There was very little true focus on characterization and more emphasis on the story of  deep seeded pain of two gloriously complex people, and their eventual road to healing. There is no humor. There's just tribulation and triumph, but only triumph in the fact that Bryony and Leo face their true feelings and reveal their secrets along the way.


The writing was reminiscent of Diana's probably because Bryony is a surgeon and quite independent, and feels very similar to Claire. But also there is a very mature level of emotional introspection from both female characters in The Outlander and Not Quite a Husband, and both gals are very intelligent characters.


So, overall: It was worth the read, despite the tears. For some reason I have a hard time elevating it to "Favorites" status though. Maybe because it hit a little to close to home? Maybe the HEA was too realistic and it reminded that forgiveness is something you have to choose to do everyday - a little heady for my choice of escapism! I'm giving this 5 stars because, really, it's deserved if I have to think this much about it.

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