Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned - Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr., Brian K. Vaughan


 This entire read was an exercise in self-awareness for me. Am I really as open minded as I'd like to be? Can I enjoy something that is out of my comfort zone?

I had a hard time digesting Y at first. It was clearly written by the He Man Woman Haters club. Yorick, a likeable goof-ball (for lack of better term), is the last man on Earth. The only women that remain are self-centered lack-wits that are all together the very epitome of the term bitch. Women are portrayed so disgustingly inadequate that everytime a new woman was introduced I thought, "Ahh, this will be the kick-ass character I've been waiting for, surely there will be one woman that is not deplorable". If I would have stayed on that track, I would have hurtled right over the edge of the cliff stupidly unaware of the many warning signs that the track was out.


The writers probably would have said 'good riddance'. One less singularly minded female after all.

I realized after getting through the second volume that the very thing that I was taking exception to was absolutely the point.

Anyone who did a quick perusal of my read shelf will have seen that it is drowning in strong female protagonists. Not surprising than that when I pick up a new read, this is what I look for as the basis of whether I 'like' the material. How woefully close minded of me!

Y: The Last Man is great. It's funny in a very irreverant way. It's telling even when it's unflattering. It's compelling and I thought about it long after putting it down - how will they unweave the impossible web that has humanity doomed? We shall see...

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