Virgin River - Robyn Carr

A cross between "Doc Hollywood" and "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman".


Simply storytelling, predictable characters, yet romance readers love this book and series.


If they're anything like me, they love it because they related to some part of the story -  maybe the love in spite of loss, or the rural living, or perhaps the medical profession in general, the military get the picture. Virgin River had a lot of that going on for it, lots of opportunities for the reader to connect.


Personally, every time there was baby delivery I was glued to the page. Even though my own baby drama was different from every scenario within this book I still... longed? understood? pained? joyed? every one of those little miracles. For me, that was the best part - Mel finding her passion, calling, and heart again.


This is a very straight-forward romance. It had a little sap, a little fluff, a little story of two people who fall in love. With a lot of good food. And a pot growing operation.