No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean

My little corner bookstore just gifted me with a phone call. Here's a little play by play: 



Bookstore Guy: Hello Mrs. R?


Me: Yes?



BG: Your Sarah MacLean book has come in and is ready for pick up.



Me: (Holding my breath, I check the calendar. Did I really lose a week? This book isn't pub'd until 11/26...did I forget to take my turkey out of the fridge this morning? I know I didn't turn in my library books that were due!!)


(Nope, it's the 19th...they're just going to let me have it a week early? Quick! Say something before they renig!!)

I'll be by after work. Thanks!




Now, if they try to hold my book hostage after they told me I could have it...I'm going to do something unlady 'accidently' knock over a book display. I'm so clumsy like that.


**I promise to knock over a Fifty Shades display or something similar, so don't fret...**