The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness

Enjoying so far...


Sometimes I don't understand what Patrick Ness is trying to say...for example, a 'sound':


"Like how stars might sound. Or moons. But not mountains. Too floaty for mountains. It's a sound like one planet singing to another, high and stretched and full of different voices starting at different notes and sloping down to other different notes but all weaving together in a rope of sound that's sad but not sad and slow but not slow and all singing one word."


Phew. I'm not sure about all that Mr. Ness. But other times I feel like I get it...for example, the same 'sound' a page later:


"It's like the song of a family where everything's always all right, it's a song of belonging that makes you belong just by hearing it, it's a song that'll always take of you and never leave you. If you have a heart, it breaks, if you have a heart that's broken, it fixes."


The latter reminds me of a concerto, one that feeds the soul in whatever way the soul needs that day. And while that's my own fancy I feel I can relate to his message better than whether or not mountains would make floaty sounds. ;)