The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole

This was such over the top fun.


You know what works for me in erotica? When the book doesn’t take itself too seriously. For this reason I’ve really enjoyed Charlotte Stein of late, and now Kresley Cole.


Ladies, there are only so many single, hot, penchant for bondage billionaires in the world, so we have to be able to acknowledge some very over the top situations in erotica with humor and candor. For example, being a long lost Russian princess virgin with flawless skin and red hair (where does this myth even come from, red heads freckle people!), and meeting a gorgeous prize fighting Russian mafia hit man, who is also a master chess player, is just not in the cards for many of us.


Add in some crazy dirty private jet sex, and, well. You get my point. Kresley Cole takes every unbelievable thing and sticks it in her book, but without all the emotional drama and baggage that usually bogs down this genre. What a relief to just read about a couple of horny crazy people without having to hash out their daddy issues.  And it’s set in Russia. Awesomeballs.


 The Professional is an erotica with a healthy dose of romantic suspense. And it’s funny. Really dang entertaining actually.


P.S. if you get to the part where Natalie is deciding if it’s okay to jump on a plane with complete stranger (who broke into her home) and travel to Russia and rationalizes it with this:


“Worst case scenario:  if I didn’t like what he had to say, I could run from him at the airport, straight into the arms of the security guards.”


And you are therefore tempted to stop reading because she is TSTL, just hang in there, it gets better. Or just hang in there because the dialogue between Natalie and Sevestyan is so amusing that it makes her stupidity worth it.