Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione

Get your tomatoes ready.


This book did not work for me. The thing about the Demonica series is that I really think they're pretty meh half-way through, but the endings are so good that I find myself doing the slow clap into gushing applause. This one however was very cold and pretty standoffish in the end. I'm never really got any sort of connection between Lore and Idess. This is real disappointment since Lore is so much different than his brothers.

Some other things that bugged me, in no particular order:


These books are a real sausage fest. Where are the woman? The only females that are prevalent are the love interest and previous/future mates. Even villains and small side characters are usually male.


The woman in the book are always described as sexy because of how much skin they are showing. Sin's peaking butt-cheek was the real clincher for me in this one...she's a complete twat to Conall in their first encounter yet he immediately finds her 'sexy' because of a 'strategically placed rip' on the butt of her jeans. >.<


It's downright comical how often they end up at UGH. Every other scene is there.

And then there's the predictability of the story, the boring/uninspired dialogue and the convenience of everything.


And not to be too picky, but the sex was less than sizzly. In fact, I found Idess' vow for chastity to be an utter joke. It really made no sense. Why is chastity important, for one, and for two, why is fooling around totally acceptable? Is penetration really THE problem? Is that the point? I thought resisting the temptations of lust to be the real point behind chastity.


I'm really searching for something positive to say here...I think that overall I like the idea behind Sin's story (introduced in Ecstasy Unveiled) even though I'm not a fan of Sin. I'm glad that we're having a female centric book finally, and I like that fact that Larissa Ione seems to be taking on the double-standard between the sex lives and woman vs. men. Though I find Sin to be too rough around the edges for my personal taste to really like her, I probably will read her book sometime.