Far Gone - Laura Griffin

 4.5 *this reader is happy* stars out of 5

Griffin’s books really appeal to me. The pacing is always excellent, the dialogue feels natural, and the tension, from the bad guys to the bed sheets, is always smoking. Far Gone is no exception, I was engulfed from beginning to end.


Laura Griffin's "Tracer" series landed in my life by fate. My sister blindly bought one of her books for me when I was ill'in and I've been hooked ever since. It actually prompted me to find other romantic suspense authors, but in my experience, few have compared.

The romance reader in me really appreciates the subtleties of Griffin's pen. I would say this is one of Griffin’s strengths in both this novel and in general. She sees her characters in a way that I find real life, like when Jon wears a suit well and when Andrea's figure looks snug in a thin t-shirt. These little descriptives are simple and somewhat spare but they make Far Gone quite accessible to readers who enjoy a little mystery and danger with their romance, or those who enjoy a little tender humanity with their mystery/thriller.


Really, one of my favorite examples of this is how Jon smells of aftershave. Aftershave = yum, and more importantly, I *know* what that smells like, unlike 'the smell of a man', or raw brutishness or 'masculinity and clove' or whatever other creative words I've ran across through the years to uniquely describe the man smell. I just want my man to smell clean really, so aftershave really, truly, adds the zing needed for attraction. HOW I LOVE THE SIMPLICITY OF THAT.

The romance reader in me also loves that it is a rare situation if both characters can't handle themselves. Their relationship is on even footing from the beginning, neither needs a true protector. As far as Rom suspense goes, I’ve found few others that compare to Griffin for this. Andrea is a detective who is capable, experienced, and smart. Jon is an FBI agent, strong, smart, experienced. No one weighs anyone down here, there’s a mystery to solve and both parties are fully capable doing their jobs.

The thriller reader in me really appreciates a well-crafted story. Griffin’s obvious inspiration allowed for a mystery that was not only believable, but plausible. Scarily so really. On top of that, Griffin's journalistic background really shows through in the story from the breath-holding sniper shots to a moment in the life of an ICE agent. Griffin does her research and it shows.


As someone who grew up around guns and learned at an early age how to shoot and respect guns, I find every scene that Griffin does around shooting to be so very real. She really brings you into the moment and it's pretty awe-inspiring. I can't even really adequately tell you about them, it's just something you have to expreience in her work. I will say that it helps if you've done it in real life though, there's a split second while you're squeezing the trigger that you are completely focused and everthing else around you is blurry.

I enjoyed another winner from Laura Griffin and already eagerly await her next as I have yet to pick up a book of hers that is disappointing.