Yellowstone Heart Song: Yellowstone Romance Series Book 1 (Volume 1) - Peggy L. Henderson

I, amateur book reviewer, give this book a very reluctant 3 stars.


Here's why:


It was free, therefore I feel obligated to like it more than it deserves. This factor alone should revoke my book reviewing membership, no? I mean, I'm being swayed by commercialism. You can never trust me again.


It's approximately negative eleventy really freakin' cold outside. All my own survival instincts are heightened and I appreciated roughing it in the 1800's Yellowstone a lot more than I would if, say, I was enjoying a cocktail on a cruise ship right now.


That aside, the book is not really that good...sorry book. The heroine is pretty unsophisticated. The hero is as sophisticated as you would expect from an 1800's trapper. So, both were pretty shallow characters.


Oh yeah, and the time travel device is a snake head. Put your finger over one eye to go forward, and your finger on the other eye to go backward. So, really, everything about this book is *really* sophisticated.


In review, I'm shallow, the characters are shallow and we all lack sophistication. Yellowstone Heart Song = 3 stars. Those are my reasons. Goodnight.