The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancées, #2) - Julie Garwood The Prize - Julie Garwood The Bride (Lairds' Fiancees, #1) - Julie Garwood

I just gorged on Julie Garwood. Sometimes a girl just has weak moments (or weeks, don't judge).



I went to bed early last night in a pot-roast induced coma, dreaming of all the brawny, emotionally-stinted, sword wielding highlanders in Garwood’s books. Some are uncommonly handsome, some are big as barns, all are deeply scarred and need some love healing. They are also every male cliché ever joked about.



If these highlanders lived today, they'd injure themselves with power tools, forget their wife's birthday and sleep on the coach at least two nights a week.



But, by the same token, the woman, if put in our modern contexts, would burn every meal, dull their husbands razor by using it on her legs, and 'misplace' their husbands favorite college t-shirt (most likely in the trash can).



As a teen, I read "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys", a hilarious romp through how to handle male-stupidness. It was given to me as a Christmas present by a very hot guy friend of mine. We ended up dating for exactly 1.23 minutes sometime later and though extremely short lived, that relationship has been a bragging point ever since. But back to my point.



Julie Garwood does the same thing Dave Barry does...takes those old clichés and makes them funny again, but within the context of historical romances.



I really enjoy loosing myeslf in these types of books. They make reading a predictable book unpredictable, you never know what her characters are going to say that will make you laugh out loud.



As a side note, with all the talk of BBA constantly swirling around, I'm glad to say that by reading Julie Garwood you are supporting a truly lovely woman. I met Julie at RT last year with my sister -- after chatting pleasantly with us for awhile, she asked where we were from and upon finding out that we live near her, she invited us to her writing group. After laughing it off (I thought she was joking) I said, "don't say that, I'll just show up one day at your house!". She chuckled with me and said "make sure you show up in sweats then, I don't get dressed up like this every day." It was one of my convention highlights.