Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas

This is my last Lisa Kleypas historical, I've read all the others. I've been saving this one for a rainy day. Not because it's supposedly the best or anything, but it just happened to be the last one I had to read and when I realized that I was at the end of the list, I put it off.


I didn't want it to be over.


Lisa's books are what brought me out of my "I'll never read romance" snobbery.


In hindsight, I think I shunned all things 'romantical' as silly and sex-ridden because my sister loved them so much. As much affinity as I have for my sister, we have dangerously little in common. Until recently, the list included our love of FRIENDS and the fact that we have the same parents. When we were in school and youth group, people were actually shocked to learn we were sisters.


But the fates destined us to be bonded over something, so when she gifted me Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, I had to read it simply because it was a gift, but more than that, it was a heartfelt gift. She'd rec'd her copy as an ARC that she'd won in a giveaway and was all glassy-eyed excitement when she told me me the tale. Thinking I'd never hear the end of it (and seeing that it was a thankfully short book), I cracked it open and gave in to the story, just for her.


Of course, I liked it. And I wasn't too proud to admit it

Next thing I knew, my sister was shoving The Hathaways at me, then I was begging for The Wallflowers.


Thus, my romance addiction was born. All because of my sister and Lisa Kleypas. And while I've enjoyed a great many authors since, no one quite compares, to me, to Lisa.


I'm enjoying my last book. It's cold, snowy and I've already made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Now, if I could just adjust my pillows correctly in my closet, I'll have the most comfortable spot to read while hiding from my kids.


P.S. I'm reading this exact edition with the horrible cover and all, it's so fitting!