The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S. Lewis

You want to know what my plan is this weekend? I'm going to pack lunch, load my car with my kids and gear and we're going exploring.


The worst thing about growing up in a city is that you can't get lost. I remember playing in a nearby park when I was a kid that had a little section of woods. One day, while adventuring, playing some sort of imaginary game and splashing in the creek which was wholly unallowed, we found a fence that marked the boundry. It was a devestating moment for all of us, we reached a barrier to our imagination. I think prior to that we had thought the woods went on forever. It would have been better had we not known that fence was there, I'm not sure that we played there too much after that.


The Pevensies have the ability to travel to a world where you can get lost. A world with endless possibility for triumph and tragedy, sure, but mostly somewhere that is new. Ahh, discovery.


I just want a little of that wonder this weekend, even if that means making a snowman in somewhere other than our backyard.


Happy Friday all. What adventure do you have planned for this weekend?