Drum roll please...wait, wait, lower your expectations....okay, cue drum roll. 


1.) I'm a pumper. That is, I'm a diabetic who wears an insulin pump. As would anyone who deals with any disease daily (and actually cares to take care of themselves) I know a lot about it and used to be quite active in an online support forum. Seeking this and finding this forum is what introduced me to online forums general and in a very 7 degrees way, Booklikes via Goodreads. So, I'm here today because I'm a diabetic!


2.) My husband is 17 years older than me. He is older than my step-mom (who is my mom at heart) and it's our family's greatest joke that she calls him 'son'.


3.) I am trying to learn to play guitar.


4.) I'm a thespian. I used to be a card carrying thespian, but no more. I haven't done a show in years.


5.) My favorite band is Finnish band called Nightwish. My most surreal concert experience was seeing Nightwish last year at a local bar/club with approx 300 other people. This is so cool to me because they played Wacken Open Air later in the same tour. When they came out on stage in our little venue, they thought it was so great that there was such a great turnout. It.was.amazeballs.


6.) I was one of those snobs that said I would never read romance. I read a ton of romance now. What can I say? I was a stupid. And today I'm stupid about other, different, things, I just don't know it yet.


7.) I could eat mexican food everyday. I bleed enchilada sauce. I dream of tacos I once bought off a food cart in Ciudad Victoria.


8.) I have a tattoo. It's for my daughter who was stillborn at 38 weeks. I'm thankful to all you reader reviewers out there that care enough to write about trigger warnings. Sometimes I can handle a book with baby drama, but sometimes I can't. Tattoos are something else I was stupid about, I said I'd never get one.


9.) I'm the oldest of 5 kids, and the shortest of everyone in my family. Ever. I look at early Carrie Fisher pictures and remind myself that short can still be hot.


10.) My second toe is longer than my big toe.