Apples Should Be Red - Penny Watson

Oh, I liked. A happy buy.


Apples Should Be Red is a very life affirming love story. There should be more out there like this, more stories that say you can find love, find life and find adventure at anytime, any year- after all, life ain't over 'til it's over. Live every single minute you're given.


Bev has spent 37 years in an unhappy marriage. But she's done her job - fixed the meals, raised a happy, healthy daughter, wore his pearls, even though her husband was a cheating ass. He's gone now and she is trying to go on with her life in the same way she has for the last several decades. She still wears her pearls, she works towards perfection.


Tom spent many years in a marriage that was tolerable. His late wife was nice enough, but he wasn't happy, he was just faithful - faithful to her, to the commitment. Since her passing, he's been happy to secure a nice grassland around himself, literally and figuratively, to keep others out. He likes his solitary living, he thinks.


When Bev sweeps into his home unexpectedly, and somewhat uninvited, Thanksgiving becomes a compromise on all fronts.


This is a lovely little story, it's a little steamy and a little funny but delivers big on heart.