Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I am absolutely pleased.  Written in Red is different and entertaining, a fresh take on some over-trodden paranormal elements.


There are parts of this book that really skirt the line between fantasy and horror. Anne Bishop is pretty coy about the horror aspects, she doesn’t downplay them really but she softens them in layers of world building and fun, interesting people. In other words, people don't die left and right, there's not a lot of gore but what you do get is characters that you end up really liking who live in a world that is pretty effing scary. A place where monsters are the majority and humans are food.  


 The animal lover in me loved this book – there’s such personality in all of the characters. Most of The Others are animals in their natural skin but their human skin antics are really humorous and, at times, really frightening.  I hold a special little place in my heart for Sam the wolf pup. I loves him and want to give him cookies.


There is the smallest, littlest smidge, of romance in here.


Well, what I think is romance. It might just be pack bonding.


Then again being someone’s squeak toy sounded strangely alluring. Also, “Bite me” and “Next time, I will eat you” started feeling pretty hot after a while. It probably is just me though…I don't know, I'm confused! Should I be afraid of them or attracted to them? What a freakin' weird conundrum.


There was little to really complain about overall - it was a little long, and there were silly names that brought me out of the story. Towns called Sparkletown,  Podunk, and Hubb Ne (pronounced Hubbney) were just a little kitschy. Some of the world building names, “BOW” (box on wheels, i.e. a vehicle), “Terra indigenue”, “Cassandra sangue”, are not only choppy but I was unsure how you even say them. Reading over those things repeatedly is annoying after a while. Eventually monikers like blood prophet and the others took over making them more palatable.


Of course none of that nonsense would keep me from reading the next book. The only thing that's keeping from it presently is mail time.