Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine

If I were Chelsea Fine, I’d be proud of myself. Best Kind of Broken is good.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to say about this book.

I thought about how Best Kind of Broken is what New Adult should be, stories about all the crazy good times of coming into your adulthood, when you’re taking all those first steps in world – experiencing freedom and consequences on your own. But also about that horrible moment when you find out that you’re actually not invincible, and hurt breaks you a little bit, it changes you.

I thought about how Best Kind of Broken worked for me as a love story, the kind where two deserving people find happiness and love in each other, and how they work through the complications of life.

I thought about rain.

I thought about how it has a cleansing quality. How it quiets my heart, and how when I’m sad, I’m almost glad when it rains because I don’t feel so lonely. It’s like the earth is crying with me.

Silly, I know.

But I thought of that while I was reading Best Kind of Broken. When there is sadness, first comes the rain, then comes the healing.

Sarah and Levi , still reeling from an event the year previous and are a bit frozen in time by grief. They are both hurt and lonely, and feeling like they have nowhere to go….until they find themselves living right down the hall from each other, sharing a bathroom.

Although I thought the storyline leaned toward repetitive a few times, I breezed through it quickly and I didn’t feel like anything was really over the top, or over dramatized. I connected to two people who are still fighting through the fog-thick feeling of heartache.

Of course, on paper these two people are perfect. Gorgeous, talented, funny, well-muscled, well-boobed, with seemingly paid for college educations (anywhere they can get accepted even!), but that’s okay. I still enjoyed Sarah’s very funny inner dialogue, Levi’s hero complex, and I’m super jealous of Sarah’s friend, Jenna. Well, I’m jealous that Sarah has a friend like Jenna. Sarah’s some-what budding friendship with Jenna is one of the best parts of this book. Jenna pushes Sarah, but in the most understanding and loving way – and really, truly wants her friend to be healthy, happy and whole. Don’t we all need friends like that?

So I think what I want to say is that Best Kind of Broken is a very sad and emotionally charged story of two people who need healing and each other but are lucky enough to be surrounded with funny, warm-fuzzy best-friendsy, mid-college years good times, because life goes on around you, even when you’re frozen.

Oh, yeah, and I liked it.


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