The Princess Diaries  - Meg Cabot

My sister sent me this article about the 50 most popular ebook downloads the other day via text message...she followed it up with "WTF"?


Now, as she's my sister, I had to be contrary. Being contrary is one of the laws of sisterhood. The laws are as follows:


1.) hide the ice cream from her

2.) always make sure your gifts are cooler than hers

3.) disagree with almost everything she says

4.) threaten potential boyfriends


So, I took her "WTF" as in, "What's wrong with people!?".


I countered with, "Just because it's pink doesn't mean it's not good -- I think it's very funny!" (she abhors all things pink)


Now, at this time, I had not read this book. I'd seen the movie tons of times. I'd, of course, heard of Meg Cabot and had seen some good reviews of her stuff. I was definitely going out on a limb...and immediately panicked that my sister might ask me questions about it since I had insinuated that I had read it.


Fifth law of sisterhood – don’t lie to your sister. I’ve broken this law many times. Never big lies like “Oh no, your butt looks great in those jeans!” I’m perfectly honest when it matters. But in the never-ending game of one-uppedness that we’ve been playing since she was thrust into my life, I can’t stand to lose.


Which means, I had to read this book. The minute after I insinuated I had read it, I found it, downloaded it, dropped everything and read it.


NEVER has that saying ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” meant more to me.


Princess Diaries is what YA was before YA became a big business. It’s actually written for 14 year old girls with 14 year old girl sensibilities and 14 year old girl characters who major in whining and selfishness. It’s mildly funny. I had to slog through it.


I’m such an idiot.


At least my sister loves me.