Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

There were two things I was hung up on while reading Cinder:


1.) If there are moon people, who live on the moon, a colony of them with houses and industry and stuff....wouldn't that muck up the moon's reflective qualities? Right? That would not be cool. I like that shiny orb. I like to look through my little octagaonal window in my entryway in the middle of the night when the whole house is sleeping and gaze upon it's lovliness in peace and silence.


I've decided that moon people would screw that up for me.


2.) How, exactly, does a cyborg bathe?



When I wasn't think about those things, I was engaged in the story. With cyborgs and andriods in a technology reliant world, and a devestating plague facing the new emporer, Cinder really has a lot of cool going on.


The thing that didn't really work for me was that it's a retelling of Cinderella. In fact, I think the book would have been greatly improved if it were just loosely inspired by Cinderalla instead of following its plot points, which I found distracting from an otherwise good story. For example, the pumpkin that takes Cinder to the's actually an old gasoline run car that she fixes up. This car is not, at all, important to the central story. It in fact, is not interesting and creates gaping plot holes but yet we spend time (valuable time during the heat of the action) repairing said car - just to fill a spot in the timeline of the original fairy tale.


I put Scarlet on hold at the library because Cinder is left in the most precarious of handed, by a pinky finger.