The Boy Who Loved Batman - Michael Uslan

While I find some bits of this interesting, overall I am unimpressed.


I think maybe autobiographies are tricky things. Either you're the type of person that needs no finesse in your storytelling because your story is so FREAKIN' AWESOME that it tells itself. Or, your just a regular joe who's had some unique experiences and you also have the unique ability to TELL us those experiences in a way that is memorable...perhaps even relatable.


Not EVERYONE is a storyteller.


This is Michael Uslan's problem. He would have been much better off having someone else write his memoir. There is no disputing that he's a fount of comic book knowledge, a Batman virtuoso. He absolutely is passionate about his job and all he's accomplished. But passion doesn't always translate into entertaining. With his type of life material to work with, I was hoping for funny, warm, inspiring...nostalgic, sentimental. PLUS entertaining. I know, I'm asking for the moon here.


My feeling about Michael Uslan at 28% is that he sounds like an ass.