Hounded - Kevin Hearne

Atticus O'Sullivan, an ancient Druid who has remained upright when all other have fallen long ago, enjoys his quiet existence in Tempe, Arizona. It's just him, his book store, is wolfhound Oberon and his stolen sword, Fragarach, chillin' in Tempe. Until the Irish God of Love comes knockin' with a serious plan of claiming the Fragarach as his rightful due, a plan that includes witches, demons, Fir Blogs...the regular assortment.


The Fragarach (is it starting to look like FraggleRock to you?) is a super cool sword that can cut through any armor, and is needed by Aenghus 'Og (the God of Love) to usurp his sister Brighid as First of the Fae...I think, that was never really clarified why he really needed Fragarch, just that he apparently wanted to address an old grudge and wanted to be King of the World all at the same time.


I really enjoyed Hounded for what it was - a light, fast, fun ride. Atticus is an amusing main, and most of his humor stems from his forever 21 persona that he has to keep up with, but the real gem of this book is his Irish Wolfhound, Oberon.


That dog totally steals the show. I have an affinity for talking dogs. I'm a sucker for anything with prattling pooches (Disney Pixar's UP and Written in Red come to mind, both which I adore). Oberon is hilarious, loyal, scruffy, and Atticus' best friend


Oh, be still my heart.  Take one look at this face and tell me you're not in love.


irish wolfhound



 My issues with this book in general would be a turn off for some readers. There's an insane amount of info dumping. The writing is simple, filled with cliché’s and modern slang (and things like knockin' and chillin', so if that annoyed you...), and the jokes sometimes cheesy. Aside from the Irish pronunciations, there's nothing really challenging about the story. All this is true.


But I still really enjoyed it anyway. It's that dog. He gets a couple stars at least and is the BRILLIANT addition to this book which would have been utterly flat without him. I'll be reading their next romp, as Hounded feels like an introduction with lots of room to grow.