Watched The Conjuring last night - it was my pick for our inaugural scary movie.



The season is upon us.


I really loved it. Great storytelling with super atmosphere, I spent most of the second part of the movie watching the wall to the left of the t.v.


Here's a true confession. I can't cope with scary movies. My husband has been a total fan from the time he was a young teen, but I just didn't grow up watching fright night movies. I can't tell you how many hours of my adult life I've laid in bed staring at a dark doorway waiting for some horrifying something or another to appear there.


Before my husband, Alien scared me so badly that I would cry. But I've always enjoyed a good thriller. I like the excitement and the adrenaline that a good horror flick can create, I just had to be eased into widening my horizons. Basically, I had to watch enough of them to get the hang of it - horror is like any other genre, there's no original idea, just a regurgitation of the same ones with varying components. I will never be able to do massively gory movies, or movies purely about human suffering (i.e. torture), they truly sicken me. Movies like Freddie, Friday the 13th, Scream, just don't do it for me - where's the suspense? So predictable.


Give me something Hitchcockian. Give me demons. Give me exorcism. Give me something that threads reality with the dark corners of my imagination and I will pee my pants.


And then change them and want to go on that crazy ride again.


So back to The Conjuring. I watched the wall for the second half of the movie, mostly because of the brilliant lack of cues foreshadowing the shocking parts. So many scenes where shot with the opportunity for scare. Ample space in the background, mirrors, wide windows, open doors. Couple that with the lack of tell-tale music and one is constantly on their seat, waiting for 3:07 - the fateful time that the haunting occurs.


I'm not going to recap the movie, but I will say that apart from one gratuitous 'groovy', the screenplay was good, the acting was great and the cinematography was on point.


5 stars!


Now, onto all things pumpkin and pulling out the hoodies. I love fall.