The Invitation - Sloane,  Roxy

Ugh. When am I going to learn that erotica is not my cuppa? I can do erotic romance, but this straight to the sheets stuff is inanely boring and pointless to me. Apparently I have to make the same mistakes repeatedly for it to sink in my thick skull.


I'm not going to rate this, as it's hardly fair to rate something that I clearly shouldn't have read in the first place. I'm not it's target audience. I don't do new adult (I think this would be considered NA, a newly Grad School graduate and Law School graduate - maybe upper NA, 23-25ish).


I don't do New Adult because, well, New Adults only think with their nether regions.


Here, Justine and Ash confess to the reader that they've both slept with the entire population of their campus, sans each other. They're both the best lay evah (self-proclaimed)!  Yet, YET (!), they go at it without wrapping it up. There's no excuse for that.



But I guess the reader doesn't want to be bothered with this kind of thoughtfulness.


Let me share a story about a real life NEW ADULT acquaintance of mine. She's 25. She has herpes. She has told, exactly, NONE of her previous 3 BOYFRIENDS. I have no idea about random hookups, but I'm going to take a leap and say no. Thanks to the age of Tender and other notorious hook-up apps, casual sex is a thing that is discussed openly more now than ever.


WTH are we doing writing stories that glorify the most irresponsible choices?!


Beyond that gripe, this story is the same I've read many times over. If you're into that post FSoG glut, than you'll enjoy this.